Sunday, March 4, 2012

Republic of Congo : Explosions in the capital leaves at least 150 Dead

A series of explosions that occurred at a military base in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo, left 150 dead so far, according to diplomatic sources.

Witnesses said an ammunition depot caught fire and several nearby buildings collapsed. It was reported that residents fled to the east of the city. The explosions were heard several kilometers away, even in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Source

Note: This above report could not be confirmed, most reports speak of Anonymity as no Authorization has been given to the media.

Strong explosions shook the Sunday morning the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville rocking homes and causing the same effect on the opposite bank of the Congo River where is the capital of neighboring country. A senior military said an arsenal exploded in Brazzaville.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give statements to the media. He did not elaborate.

Witnesses said the blasts began at dawn on Sunday and came from the north of Brazzaville, in West Africa. Witnesses said the impact of the explosions caused the doors to open in the city. Failed to get more information from the authorities or witnesses, partly because the telephone system was saturated.

Explosions were also heard in Kinshasa, the capital of neighboring Congo. Read More Update Sky News: At least 150 people have died in the Republic of Congo after a munitions depot caught fire and caused several large explosions, a European diplomat has said.

The disaster happened at the Mpila military barracks in the east of the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, and sent a huge plume of smoke above the city.

"We count at least 150 dead in the military hospitals and around 1,500 injured, some of them seriously," the diplomat said.

Betu Bangana, head of protocol in the president's office, said "lots of buildings have been destroyed" Read More