Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Re-Occupy Wall Street! Protesters' fury as ex-cheerleader 'suffers seizure after she is beaten by police' during demonstration in Manhattan

An Occupy Wall Street protestor reportedly suffered a seizure after she was knocked to the ground and arrested by police at Zuccotti Park.

On a video uploaded to YouTube, Cecily McMillan, leader of a Northeast Democratic Socialists group, appeared to have difficulty breathing after being handcuffed by police and left lying in the street.

It comes amid signs that the Occupy Wall Street movement is ready to swing back into action in the warmer months after being driven from the streets by bitter winter weather.

Following the weekend's events, OWS activists called for supporters to skip work and school on May 1 in protest and not spend any money. In New York, a coalition of unions and worker justice groups planned to march through the city on the same day.

Former cheerleader Miss McMillan, who studies and works as a nanny in New York, was filmed shaking violently as protestors, who had been penned in by police on Saturday night, screamed for authorities to help her. Read More