Saturday, March 31, 2012

A RARE victory for common sense! Britain deports two convicted Islamist extremists who were convicted of possessing ‘chilling’ terror manuals

Britain yesterday managed to boot out two convicted Islamist extremists in a rare victory for common sense.

Christian Emde and Robert Baum, who are both German nationals, were convicted of possessing documents useful to terrorism.

They included a ‘chilling’ article on how to make a bomb.

The pair has been intercepted and arrested by police as they tried to enter the UK at Dover last July.

Ministers have been fighting a losing battle to deport a string of international terror suspects – including Al Qaeda hate preacher Abu Qatada.

But, with Germany considered a safe country by the courts, the Home Office was able to put the two extremists on a plane.

Immigration minister Damian Green said: ‘We refuse to tolerate foreign nationals breaking our laws. Read More

(Note: So you managed to kick two Germans out! Well done here is a gold star......what about the thousands of Criminals you can't kick out? Does this mean your going to do something about this now?)
  • Dec 2011: 4000 Dangerous Foreign Prisoners (who should of been Deported) back on Britain's Streets, Many of whom go onto to re-offend
  • Abu Qatada the Radical cleric linked to al Qaeda remains in the UK until this day, being funded by us and we have even recently given him a bigger house to make sure he is happy and comfortable.
  • Dangerous Sex offender Sarafa Salami gets £1,000 a month from us in Handouts, we can't deport him he also used race and human rights card to fool our weak system
  • 12 Year old Amy Houston was Killed by illegal immigrant Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who driving with NO insurance whilst disqualified and was sentenced to just 4 Months in Jail and won his right to stay in UK using the famous Humans Rights Act

This was also the day Britain proved that British Citizen Amy Houston did NOT have any Human Rights Act backing her short Life.

We could keep going but there are too many cases to list, you will find hundreds in the Weak justice Section.