Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Railway workers mown down by black cab 'after furious row with taxi driver'

Seven work colleagues were mown down by a black cab after a 'furious row' with a taxi driver.

The seven railmen, wearing fluorescent uniforms, were left flattened on a pavement after the taxi ploughed into them on a bridge last night.

The railway workers were told they were 'lucky to be alive' after being given emergency treatment at the roadside by 999 teams.

A taxi driver was arrested at the scene on a bridge just yards from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. He is today being questioned by police.

Their injuries were described as 'serious but not life threatening' after the alleged black cab attack on the bridge next to Cardiff Central Station.

The taxi had a shattered windscreen after it hit the seven men shortly after 7pm on Tuesday night. Read More