Saturday, March 3, 2012

Queen’s Medical Centre Suicide: Hospital patient plummets 40ft to his death despite staff clinging on to him for 10 MINUTES in a bid to safe him

A hospital patient plummeted to his death from the fourth-floor after leaping out of a window on his ward.

The man - who has not been named - jumped from the West Block of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham yesterday.

But heroic staff quickly grabbed hold of his legs, halting his fall from the 40ft high window.

Shocked patients watched on in horror as two members of staff desperately clung to the mans legs in a bid to stop him falling head first towards the ground.

But after 10 agonising minutes the man managed to kick himself free and dropped to the ground.

Staff rushed to his aid, but he was pronounced dead at 2.30pm.

A picture taken by a shocked onlooker showed the human-sized gap in a window where the man had leapt to his death after smashing his way through the pane of glass. Read More