Monday, March 12, 2012

Pagan Prisoners 'discriminated against' because they can't Pray in the Nuder and wear Hooded Robes

Pagan prisoners are demanding the right to pray naked and wear hooded robes in their cells.

Under prison guidelines, they are allowed to wear only robes without hoods to ensure their faces can be seen.

And the practice of sometimes stripping naked to pray is simply not allowed.

Now one unnamed inmate at Frankland prison, a high security jail in Durham, has claimed that he is being ‘discriminated against’ because he is not allowed to pray wearing a ‘druid-style’ hooded robe in his cell.

In a letter to prisoners’ magazine Inside Time last week, he said some inmates were allowed to use scarves to cover their heads during prayer and that it ‘wasn’t fair’ that pagan prisoners were banned from wearing a hooded robe.

He said: ‘Why can I not wear my hooded robe? Read More