Thursday, March 22, 2012

Osborne ignores drivers' pleas and slaps nearly 4p a litre on fuel duty

Motorists will endure more pain at the pumps after the Chancellor pressed ahead with fuel tax rises that will add nearly 4p a litre to already record prices.

Drivers’ groups and hauliers said George Osborne had ‘turned his back on families’.

From August 1, fixed rate fuel duty will rise by 3.02p a litre to 60.97p. But when VAT is added, the rise becomes 3.62p a litre.

It means the cost of filling a Ford Mondeo with a 70-litre fuel tank will increase by £2.54, adding £60 to the annual fuel bill.

Petrol currently averages a record 139.67p a litre with diesel at 146.39p a litre Read More