Saturday, March 31, 2012

Louise Leggatt Under 24 Hour Armed Guard after 2 Attempts on her Life: Former Lover and Ex-husband Questioned

A village has been rocked by the mystery shooting of a showjumper shortly after an arson attack on her home.

Twice-married Louise Leggatt, 54, who is also a member of the local hunt, called in police after a suspicious fire gutted her home in January.

In the latest incident, she was tending her horses in a nearby field when she was shot in the leg, apparently by an assailant who had been lurking behind a hedge.

Mrs Leggatt, still recovering from her shotgun wounds, is now under 24-hour armed guard – and both a former lover and one of her ex-husbands have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Both have been released on bail.

The two men, her second husband Philip Gorringe and recent former boyfriend Brian Fraser, both 62, were questioned because they have legitimate access to shotguns.

One of the two was also questioned about the arson attack and inquiries are continuing. Read More