Friday, March 16, 2012

Kittens on the Dinner Menu in Deleware County

It's my job to cover both the good and the bad, but when it comes to some heartbreaking stories, like this one, it remains impossible for me to comprehend the depths of depravity to which certain humans can reach.

This crime of animal cruelty is particularly heinous and I hope the perpetrator, if found guilty, is punished severely. Luckily, though, there is a good side to this story too.

Forty-four-year-old Francis McGinley, whose court records reflect a long history of drunken shenanigans, told his roommates that he purposely ran over two four-week-old kittens with his truck, planning to eat them for dinner, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

Police said Holly Faulkner, Francela Jackson and Bridget Spicer, McGinley's roommates, called for help, while a very inebriated McGinley, remained in the bathroom talking to himself. Responding to the call for a "suspicious condition at the apartment," were officers David DeFrank, William Dowd and Sgt. Charles Fell. The three women were upset and crying outside the house when they arrived. Spicer told the police that the kittens were in the bathtub.

When police went into the bathroom, McGinley was sitting in the bloody bathroom, intoxicated and talking to himself. When Ms.Faulkner questioned McGinley about the kittens, he allegedly responded, "I ran these two cats over with my truck and now they're my dinner. I am going to eat them."

Before he was taken into custody, McGinley said, "Since when was it a crime to get drunk, officers?"

Thankfully, the three women were able to save the kittens' lives. According to authorities, a black male kitten, named Nirvana, and his litter sister, a white kitten named Karma were both close to death. Responding to the call, the kittens were rushed to the Keystone Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Havertown, PA, by Animal Control Officer Dave Schlott. The kittens are now being treated for their injuries at the Delaware County SPCA. Source