Friday, March 16, 2012

Karzai casts doubt on U.S. account of massacre

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai cast doubt Friday on the account of events given by U.S. authorities as he met with with the families of 16 civilians allegedly killed by a U.S. soldier during a house-to-house rampage.

In his meeting at the presidential palace in Kabul, Karzai suggested the Americans had not been frank about what happened.

Karzai told the villagers: "We tried to talk to the soldier involved, but there was no cooperation from America. Based on what you are saying, the killer was not just one person."

Asked if he had seen surveillance footage apparently filmed at the soldier's base in Kandahar province, Karzai questioned the authenticity of the video.

"The army chief and the police chief have been shown, or I believe their representatives have been shown, a video of the surveillance that they have, which has not been satisfactory to our team. Not convincing," he said. Read More