Friday, March 23, 2012

Joerg-Werner Lubbe charged with lacing chocolate Easter bunnies with rat poison that he left hanging from trees to punish' thieving children, Germany

A pensioner has been arrested for allegedly lacing chocolate Easter bunnies with rat poison and leaving them for children to find.

Joerg-Werner Lubbe, 68, sprayed the sweets with ammonium hydroxide, re-packaged them in their original foil and hung them from a tree at his home.

He was furious at children who were pilfering the treats from his front garden as they walked past his house near Chemnitz, east Germany.

One boy called Max, 10, needed his stomach pumped after stealing a bunny and eating it on his way to school. He collapsed with stomach pains at his desk.

It is a tradition in Germany to decorate gardens with easter-themed objects. But Lubbe objected to being a 'meal ticket for the local brats,' he told police.

He told detectives he used the ammonia solution to kill mice in his cellar. 'I simply sprayed it over the chocolate,' he said. Read More