Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jobless mother-of-six, Weighs 33 stone, spent £200 a week on takeaways, Demands NHS weight loss operation on top of her £17,000 a year in Benefits

A mother-of-six is demanding an NHS weight loss operation, despite admitting she has spent her life binging on junk food.

Sara Agintas, tips the scales at a hefty 33 stone, but insists tax payers should fork out for the £14,000 operation because she’s now too fat to work and can't fit on a plane seat to go on holiday.

Mrs Agintas, 43, from Milton Keynes, admits to downing 12 'small' cans of lager a day when she was pregnant, but complained in Closer magazine, that she put on weight after each pregnancy because she found it 'too hard to diet' and says exercise 'hurt.'

Wearing a size 36-38, she used to spend up to £200 a week on takeaways, but admitted 'I can’t work because I’m too fat to fit in an office chair and can only stand for two minutes at a time.'

Part of the reason Mrs Agintas wants to downsize, is because she wants to go on holiday, but would need two seats on the plane.

She is mother to Gemma, 25, Lauren, 21, Thomas, 18, Sam, 13, Hannah, 12, and Zoe, nine.

Her husband and six children receive £17,000 a year in benefits.

Mrs Agintas first became pregnant aged 17 by her boyfriend of just a few months. Read More