Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jermaine Grant a British terrorist with links to 7/7 'White Widow' was 'captured on bus while disguised as woman in burqa'

A British terror suspect linked to 7/7 bombs widow Samantha Lewthwaite was arrested in Kenya while dressed as a woman, a court heard.

Jermaine Grant, 29, from London, had allegedly disguised himself by wearing a Muslim burqa when he was held in 2008 as he travelled on a bus in northern Kenya.

A court in Nairobi heard the suspected bomb plotter was accused of being part of a gang which attacked a police station on May 31 2008 in the town of Wajir.

Today police sergeant Kulmia Hamud told how he arrested Grant after fellow bus passengers informed officers there was a man on board dressed as a woman.

He said: 'I closely looked at his head and realized he was a man and not a woman.

'I asked him to identify himself by showing his identity card but he could not respond since he didn't speak or understand Swahili.'

The court heard Grant was unarmed when he was arrested on the bus just hours after the remote police camp was attacked in the northern town.

The British Muslim convert, who has been linked by police to a terror plot involving 'White Widow' Lewthwaite, was held alongside two other suspects.

The trio were suspected of violently attacking the police base to steal firearms and a vehicle. Read More