Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jamal A Woolford Sr, Arrested for leaving a gun accessible for his 4 year old son, which killed him

A four-year-old boy is dead after he accidentally shot himself and wounded his mother with a handgun that belonged to his father.

Jamal A Woolford Jr died from a gunshot wound to the chest after the gun he was holding had fired, and the same bullet grazed his 24-year-old mother, Shanice A Kellam, in the hand and arm.

The boy's father, Jamal A Woolford Sr, 29, was arrested for making the gun accessible to his son by keeping the weapon in a bedroom.

The boy's mother was asleep inside a home in Hebron, Maryland earlier this month when she was awoken by a sensation on her body.

She quickly realized that she had been shot in two different locations.

Ms Kellam then found her son, who wasn't moving, beside her.

A 44-caliber revolver was nearby.

The weapon belonged to the elder Woolford, police say.

The young boy likely got access to the gun and then went on or near the bed where his mother lay, police said.

Authorities believe that the gun went off and a bullet hit the boy and then struck Ms Kellam. Read More