Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Iran trying to build nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, Cameron warns MPs

Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, David Cameron warned yesterday.

In a chilling echo of the build-up to the war against Iraq, the Prime Minister suggested that the country’s drive to develop the bomb was potentially a direct threat to the UK.

His comments appeared to move Britain a step closer to war against the hardline Islamic regime.

He told MPs the Tehran government was trying to develop ‘intercontinental missiles’.

And he repeatedly stressed that ‘military action’ against Iran was not ‘off the table’.

‘I don’t believe that an Iranian nuclear weapon is just a threat to Israel,’ he said.

‘It is also clearly very dangerous for the region because it would trigger a nuclear arms race but also it’s a danger more broadly, not least because there are signs that the Iranians want to have some sort of intercontinental missile capability. So we have to be clear this is potentially a threat much more widely.’ Read More