Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gympie faces floods as rain eases, Queensland, Australia

Residents of the small southeast Queensland city of Gympie are preparing to face floodwaters for the third time in two years.

The Mary River, which runs through the city north of Brisbane, is expected to peak at 15 metres on Tuesday night, threatening businesses and homes in low-lying areas.

Gympie was inundated, along with the rest of southeast Queensland in last year's floods, and was again flooded only last weekend.

While residents are used to floods, local businesswoman Emily Lang told AAP that no two emergencies were the same.

"The one that we had in January 2011, we had days and days and days of rain, so you knew the river was rising," the real estate agent said.

"The one last weekend, it was a dry flood, so it wasn't even raining in Gympie and we just got a phone call to say it's going to peak at about 15.5, 16 metres.

"Then this one was a flash flood. Read More