Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ghana Cholera Alert

The Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate of Ghana Health Service is alerting the public about reported cases of cholera in parts of the region.

A statement issued by the directorate said any person who experiences frequent loose watery stools and vomiting should immediately rush to the nearest clinic or hospital for treatment.

The statement assures the public that all government health facilities in the region are equipped to handle cholera cases. Treatment for cholera is free.

The general public is advised to adhere to the following measures to minimize and stop further spread:

• Wash hands with soap and water before eating, cooking and after visiting the toilet

• Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly with water before eating

• Wash all plates and cooking utensils thoroughly before and after use

• Eat cooked food while hot

• Avoid buying /eating food which is exposed to flies and dust

• Food sellers should cover their food against dust and flies

• Use proper toilet facility and avoid passing stool anywhere

• Keep the environment clean

For further information, call this number: 028-9521924, 0244561328 Source