Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Zimmerman Arrest records Sealed? This may explain it, he is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J Zimmerman

George Zimmerman son of judge with sealed closed arrest record in Fla. 27 Mar 2012 'Now we know why George Zimmerman didn't get arrested... No Words... According to court records, George Zimmerman is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk... He has three closed arrests: 7/18/05 for resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer div 10... 8/9/05 for domestic violence div 44... And again on 8/10/05, domestic violence div 46 ***' Source

More Background info:

WFTV obtained information about Zimmerman's background:

In Sept. 2003, Zimmerman called 911 to report that another driver had spat at him from car to car.

Zimmerman followed the other driver, Daniel Osmun, into Lake Mary.

Osmun accused Zimmerman of tailgating and aggressive driving, and Zimmerman followed him and reported his tag number.

In Oct. 2003, Zimmerman called 911 and reported witnessing a theft at an Albertson's on Lake Emma Road in Lake Mary. Zimmerman followed the alleged culprits, "apparently giving chase."
Deputies caught up with the thieves, who had confessed to stealing two 13-inch televisions.

In Dec 2008, Zimmerman applied to attend the Citizens Law Enforcement Academy. He offered info that he was arrested July 2005 in an incident involving undercover UCF officers.

He was accepted and completed the program.

Zimmerman said his father was a magistrate for Virginia Supreme Court and mother was a deputy court clerk. He stated that he had the utmost respect for law enforcement and aspired to be an officer someday. Source