Friday, March 16, 2012

Gang bludgeon swan to death with nail-covered stick 'to eat' after luring it ashore with bread

Callous poachers coaxed a swan to shore with breadcrumbs before clubbing it to death with nail-embedded sticks and taking it away 'to eat', it emerged today.

The gang of five was spotted throwing morsels of bread into Brayford Pool in Lincoln's town centre to lure the curious bird towards them on Tuesday evening.

But seconds later they unleashed a furious attack onto the majestic animal before bundling its bloodied carcass into the back of a van and speeding off into the dusk.

Detectives have now launched a Lincoln-wide manhunt for the men after one terrified passerby witnessed the bloodthirsty killing unfold.

This was the third such attack on swans in the area in six months, sparking fears of a swan-poaching crimewave. Read More