Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fire at Wingfield waste fuel depot, Northern Adelaide, Australia

Around 100 firefighters are tackling a blaze at an oil waste depot at Wingfield, in Adelaide's northern suburbs.

The fire, which began at 11.30 Tuesday morning, is in a large building on Wing St containing kerosene, gas cylinders and other flammable liquids, a Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)spokesperson said.

Massive fireballs, caused by exploding gas cylinders have been producing flames up to 40 metres in the air.

MFS and Country Fire Service(CFS) crews were working hard to contain the fire to the boundaries of the property, but soaring temperatures were making it difficult for fire fighters to get close enough to tackle the blaze.

7News reports MFS Crews had faced issues with water pressure.

The CFS-owned air crane was on loan, and used to douse the flames.

One fire fighter was injured, suffering burns to his hand. Read More