Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Europe backs complete ban on removing sharks' fins before throwing them back into the sea to die

Fishermen in the EU are to be banned from the practice of removing sharks' fins before throwing the creatures back into the sea to die.

Experts say 'shark-finning' is both cruel and a waste of resources.

European Union nations today said they want all boats in their waters and EU-registered boats anywhere in the world to land sharks with their fins attached.

The proposals still need the support of the European Parliament before they can become law.

EU fisheries chief Maria Damanaki said the law would 'ease control and help us eradicate shark finning,' which she called cruel to the animals and a vast waste of resources.

Sharks are vulnerable to over-exploitation because they mature late and give birth to small numbers of young at a time. Shark fins are in high demand in Asia for soup and alleged cures. Read More