Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elderly couple found dead in Colorado wildfire that destroys houses and forces hundreds of residents to evacuate

Officials found the bodies of an elderly man and woman at a destroyed home that was a victim of the still-raging Colorado wildfire that was thought to have started from a protective burn.

The couple, who are the only known victims of the blaze so far, were identified as Sam Lamar Lucas, 77, and Linda M. Lucas, 76. A cause of death was pending for both.

A third person is missing in the fire zone, authorities said.

Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said authorities do not know how many houses were lost but said it was at least five and probably more than 10. Earlier on Tuesday, authorities ordered residents of more than 900 homes to evacuate.

Residents of another 6,500 houses were warned to be ready to leave because of the fire's erratic behavior.

Many homes are in winding canyons, and authorities wanted to give citizens as much advance warning as possible. Read More