Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elain Young ‘killed fourth husband for $1.2m life insurance’ (and she’s also accused of suffocating her mother and trying to kill two previous spouses

A teacher hatched a plot to kill her fourth husband for $1.2million life insurance, prosecutors have claimed at her trial.

Elain Young, 57, is charged with planning and carrying out the murder of her husband Melvin 'Beau' Griesbauer, 48, with her friend Katherine Mock, 58, in Missouri.

Griesbauer was an army reserve specialist who survived a tour in Iraq. Friends said he had taken out good insurance cover to make sure his wife was taken care.

The prosecution has also accused Young of suffocating her mother in 2000 as well as attempting to find someone to kill two of her previous husbands.

Young, of Novinger, and Mock, of Cassville, are facing charges of felony conspiracy to commit murder for hire and felony murder for hire, reports

Their trial began on Monday with both women, who have pleaded not guilty, facing life in prison if convicted. Read More