Friday, March 23, 2012

Edward Washington and Dwayne Moore who Allegedly 'executed four including TODDLER' are declared Free to go by Judge in a Boston court

These were the distraught courtroom scenes as a family collapsed after finding out men on trial for the murders of four family members - including a baby - were to be released.

Alleged shooter Edward Washington, 32, was acquitted by the jury today. A mistrial was declared against Dwayne Moore, 34, who also faced murder charges.

The pair were accused of breaking into the home of Simba Martin, 21, robbing and then shooting him execution-style in Mattapan, Boston.

Martin's girlfriend Eyanna Flonor, 21 and her two-year-old son Amanihotep Smith were also killed along with 22-year-old Levaughn Washum-Garrison who was staying at the home.

Some of the victims were apparently dragged into the street naked before being shot.

Miss Flonory's sister Ebony began to scream as the verdict was read out and leapt forward to attack the alleged shooters before being restrained by court staff and removed.

Several others followed and erupted in emotion in the hallway. Others in court buried their heads in their hands and wept. Read More