Friday, March 16, 2012

Dr. John Gayden accused of having sex with minor in exchange for prescription drugs


A Brevard County doctor was arrested for allegedly having sex with a minor in exchange for prescription pain medication, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said on Tuesday.

Dr. John Gayden, 58, was charged with one count of sex with a minor and one count of delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, investigators said.

"We've been conducting this investigation for several months. The amount of pills that the doctor was pushing out into the community was costing people their lives," said FDLE agent Danny Banks.

The FDLE said that the investigation began in May when authorities learned that Gayden was one of the top prescribers of prescription pain medication in Brevard County, prescribing more than 250,000 oxycodone pills during an eight-month period. Investigators said that his patients received little or no medical evaluation. Read More