Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daniel Blyth Jailed for the savage attack on pensioner then Boast about it on Facebook

The teenager who bragged on Facebook that he 'got a buzz' from the sound of blood spattering a bus window as he battered a pensioner has been jailed.

Daniel Blyth, 18, punched and headbutted his 71-year-old victim, who has allowed his picture to be taken but asked not to be named, in a 'relentless' and unprovoked attack.

He boasted on Facebook last month that he 'got a buzz' from the sound of blood hitting a bus window during the attack.

Jailing him for 32 months at Bolton Crown Court, Judge Charles Bloom said: 'He got out of the bus and do no more than to challenge you in a totally non-threatening way.

Your response was to launch a savage and sustained, brutal attack. You are 18, fit and strong. You had no reason to believe he was of the same characteristic as you.

'He was terrified. He thought his last hour had come.' Read More