Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cyber-espionage warning from U.S security chief who warned of 9/11: 'Every major company in the U.S. has been hacked by China'

The former U.S government security chief whose warnings of a 'spectacular' Al Qaeda attack were ignored by the White House in the run up to 9/11 has delivered another stark warning.

Richard Clarke claims that every major company in the U.S. has already been penetrated by Chinese hackers looking to steal military and financial secrets.

'I’m about to say something that people think is an exaggeration, but I think the evidence is pretty strong. Every major company in the United States has already been penetrated by China,' Clarke said in an interview in Smithsonian magazine.

Clarke claims that Chinese-made computing equipment used by the U.S. could be 'contaminated' with 'logic bombs' and 'trojan horses' which could allow Chinese hackers a 'back door' into the American war machine.

Clarke - now head of a cybersecurity company Good Harbor - also claims that Chinese hackers are waging a piecemeal 'economic war' against America by passing secrets to Chinese company. Read More