Saturday, March 3, 2012

COMING CRISIS ALERT: Dozens of tornadoes ripping apart United States, Indiana in particular -- February

UPDATE: Warnings and watches for tornadoes have subsided, although alerts for high winds are still in effect in some areas. This alert will be lifted in an hour, at 12 noon EST.

UPDATE: More tornado warnings are being issued. Stay tuned to the Coming Crisis as we keep you updated on these bulletins.

UPDATE: A second town in Indiana has "disappeared", flattened and utterly destroyed by the storm system. It is now estimated that 34 million people are in the path of the severe weather alert.

UPDATE: US National Guard has been deployed in at least two states. Citizens are being warned to not venture outside to clean up; more storms incoming.

UPDATE: As many as 90 tornadoes may have touched down so far.

A massive weather system is currently affecting half of the United States, with dozens of tornadoes touching down and ripping apart cities and infrastructure. Reports have come in of at least one town "disappearing entirely", with dozens dead.

An National Weather Emergency Alert has gone out to Indiana for citizens to IMMEDIATELY take shelter. Three dozen tornadoes have struck Indiana so far, with more coming. The National Weather Service has declared that citizens of Indiana face a, "very dangerous life and death situation: take cover immediately."

Emergency instructions:

1. If you possess a storm shelter, head down to it immediately.
2. If you live in a mobile home, you are recommended to abandon it.
3. If you do not possess a shelter, head into your basement immediately, or if a basement isn't available, find a closet or hallway on the lowest level of your home away from windows and outside walls.
4. Keep a radio close by to receive local emergency instructions.

We will keep you updated at this situation unfolds.