Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CIA and FBI missed chance to spy on Taliban for A YEAR before 9/11 attacks because they were 'busy deciding who would be in charge'

A British politician revealed that a turf war between the CIA and the FBI fumbled a massive intelligence-gathering mission very easily could have prevented the September 11th attacks.

In testimony to Parliament, British opposition security spokesman David Davis talked about how the dispute between the two agencies took too long and they missed a vital window of opportunity to spy on the Taliban prior to the attacks.

The issue dates back to 1998, when the Taliban was looking to set up a new phone network between the U.S. and Afghanistan, and was planning to do so with American and British business entrepreneurs.

The Afghanistan-based group was asking for entirely new phone equipment, that the U.S. government planned to bug before sending over to the Middle East.

But because the two agencies wasted a year to agree upon the office bureaucracy, they only settled the arrangement on September 8, 2001- three days before the attacks. Read More