Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara killed in failed rescue attempt to free him from captors in Nigeria

A British and Italian hostage have been killed after a botched rescue attempt to free the pair from Al Qaeda kidnappers.

Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara had been held since May last year after being captured in northern Nigeria.

Their kidnappers are believed to have killed the hostage as a special force team - including British troops - moved in to free them.

Eight members of the Special Boat Service, supported by between eight to 12 Royal Marine commandos, carried out the operation.

Their deaths were confirmed by David Cameron who phoned Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti to tell him the news.

The pair had been working in Nigeria when they were taken last year.

They were seen pleading for their lives in a number of videos released by their captors. Source