Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brazilian prison Inmates throw party with beer, barbecue and music... and then post the pictures on Facebook

For most criminals, a long prison term is a lonely and sobering experience.

But it has proved more like a lock-in at a bar for these inmates at a Brazilian jail, who were pictured on Facebook partying with kegs of beer, music and a barbecue.

Warders at the high-security facility were laid open to censure when photos of the dangerous criminals' revelry appeared on Facebook.

They were shown posing with kegs of Heineken beer, boom-boxes, a flat-screen TV and young women who some reports identified as local prostitutes.

The raucous gathering is believed to have taken place last November inside the high-security wing.

The embarrassing revelations have triggered an investigation after provoking outrage among the Brazilian public. Read More