Monday, March 26, 2012

8‚500 chickens culled in Lalitpur, India due to Bird Flu

LALITPUR: Some 8,500 chickens have been culled and 1,500 eggs destroyed in Lalitpur, following the detection of the avian influenza (H5N1) causing bird flu there.

The bird flu virus was detected in chickens of a poultry farm owned by one Dhiren Gurung of Sainbu-5 some five days ago. This was the first bird flu case in the district.

Similarly, lab test of the sample extracted from chickens of the poultry farm adjoining Gurung's farm turned out to be positive on Sunday. The farm was owned by one Kamal Ghimire.

The District Livestock Service Office, however, had faced problems to destroy chickens excreta following the obstruction from Gurung. Gurung wanted compensation for destroying the chicken excreta in his farm.

But, later he was agreed to have it destroyed following a meeting held among the bodies concerned on Monday. Chief of the District Livestock Service Office, Department of Animal Health Services, representatives from police administration and poultry entrepreneurs were present at the meeting. Read More