Friday, March 23, 2012

15 Mutilated cats found in Vancouver suburb: Canada

Fifteen mutilated cats have been found in the Metro Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge over the past year, and police and SPCA are asking for the public's help cracking the case.

Most recently, the bottom half of a black-and- white cat was found in a park on March 11, according to Marcie Moriarty, the general manager of cruelty investigations for the provincial SPCA.

“In many of these incidents the cats have been severed almost perfectly in half with a sharp object,” Moriarty said. “It appears to be a very deliberate action, and we can only imagine the unspeakable pain these poor animals must have suffered. We really want to find whoever is responsible as quickly as possible before any other innocent animals are killed.”

The SPCA and the Ridge Meadows RCMP have been working together on the case for several months, but have not identified any suspects.

"Unfortunately we have been unable to obtain any details that would lead us to the person or persons responsible,” Moriarty said. “It is sickening that anyone would do this, and once again we urge anyone with information to please call us so that we can put a stop to this cruel behaviour.” more