Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wesley Shermantine the 'Speed Freak Killer' reveals there are even MORE secret burial sites of murder victims in bizarre letter sent to TV station

Serial killer Wesley Shermantine has claimed that he knows of even more sites where the bodies of murder victims were buried in an extraordinary letter to a California television station.

Shermantine, one of the so-called 'Speed Freak Killers', told CBS-13 that two burial sites used by his accomplice Loren Herzog have not yet been discovered.

The letter, sent from Death Row, also contained a lengthy complaint about Shermantine's media portrayal and about the behaviour of his sister - and it ends, 'Have a nice day.'

The bizarre letter was sent to the station's Koula Gianulias at the end of a week when a search team found 1,000 bone fragments at a site previously named by Shermantine as the location of some of his and Herzog's victims.

He said the reason he had not revealed the other two sites was because he hasn't been paid $33,000 promised by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Read More