Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thousands of fish die at oxygen short angling spot

AN ANGLING club has been left devastated after thousands of fish have died at Pennytown Ponds in the space of a week.

Palmer Morewood Angling Club owns the fishing rights to the Green Flag-rated nature reserve situated behind Cotes Park industrial estate in Somercotes.

But this week, after a recent thaw - dead fish have been gradually floating to the surface because of a lack of oxygen.

By Friday distressed anglers reported how thousands of fish, including large carp, were seen gasping for air on the surface, with the dead ones having to be removed with nets.

Stephen Jackson, a factory operator and committee member of the Alfreton-based angling club said fishing there could be seriously affected by the loss of stock.

The 52-year-old said: “The fish have been gasping for a few days - but now there are literally thousands coming up to the surface.

“There are fish queuing six or seven deep trying to get oxygen out of the top of the water.

“Looking at the amount of fish here in the next few days - we will lose the majority of them.”

Club members alerted the Environment Agency on Saturday, February 11, when they spotted a number of carp gasping for air at the water’s surface. Read More