Friday, February 10, 2012

Syria Bloodshed: DANNY: 'Why Isn't World Helping Us?'

A Syrian-British activist has pleaded for the UN and US to stop the bloodshed in Syria as people in his neighbourhood prepare to die.

Blogger Danny, 22, has made a series of dramatic videos apparently shot in the Baba Amr region of Homs - a city struck by heavy shelling by government forces this week and where the Linkarmy is believed to be preparing for a ground assault.

Explosions shake the streets as Danny walks around the area. It is a zone where Sky News' Stuart Ramsay has said people are getting ready to be killed in the fighting.

In one video in a hospital, Danny shows a two-year-old child who he says was killed after his home came under attack. Read More

Note: While all the main Channels are reporting these attacks by the Military which for months included the Sentence "these images or facts cannot be verified", there are as many reporting of terrorist attacks on their own people, which are not shown in our media. Are all these people lying? Who is Controlling the Propaganda and which is telling the truth.

Here is a little boy being interviewed in Syria, his little brother was killed by the bomb, would we still call these people that planted the bomb Protesters? does a uprising justify the killing of a child?

Full Translation

Ali Kabahwar, My Uncle came to bring me home, than a bomb exploded
interviewer, who was with you?
Ali Kabahwar,I, my uncle, another kid and my brother
interviewer, your brother Qusai...
Ali, Yes

interviewer, what happend to you and your brother?
Ali, I told my brother to stand up, but he couln't... and than they brought him to the hospital
interviewer, What did Qusai told you?
Ali, He said, I can't stand up

Ali, and than I wen't to my aunt and told her that they took my Uncle and my brother to the hospital
interviewer, And where is Qusai know?
Ali, Qusai is now in the Paradise... He is In Paradise
Father, in Paradise