Saturday, February 25, 2012

Researchers Worried Over Finding New Mutant Bird Flu Virus

seems Bird Flu is back and this time the danger has a different carrier suggesting both the dangerous as well as non-dangerous aspects of the spread.

Concerning majorly about the public health, Bird flu experts are suggesting the concerned department to inform the public about the findings of the controversial research, which says of finding a mutant form of the virus that has potential to spread easily among humans.

Experts have also urged the department to start considering and making security assessments for the safety of the lives at least before publishing of the two studies. Research is still ongoing to get a clearer picture of the spread and its dire consequences.

Moreover, scientists have also scheduled a two-day meeting at the World Health Organization in Geneva to discuss the matter.

''The consensus was that in the interest of public health the full papers should be published,'' said Professor Ron Fouchier from the Institute of Virology in the Netherlands, the scientist behind one of the studies.

The concerns are running since November last year, when US bio-security chiefs urged the departments to publish the crucial details of the papers to alert the public in advance about the fears of a pandemic, which could occur if anyhow the mutated H5N1 virus escapes the laboratory. Read More