Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Police failure to perform simple checks 'allows foreign rapists to slip through the net'

Foreign rapists may be slipping through the net because police are not carrying out basic background checks, an official report warns.

In many cases, officers failed even to ask about previous convictions because they thought the process was too difficult.

But inspectors found it was in fact simple and today they issue an urgent call for a nationwide review of checks on foreign nationals to ensure the public are not put at risk.

The report exposing serious failings with the way rape investigations are conducted by police follows a spate of horrific crimes committed by foreign nationals – many of whom had convictions before arriving in Britain.

It also comes after a BBC investigation revealed a growing proportion of crimes in London are committed by foreign nationals.

A recent Home Office review found police fail to run checks on tens of thousands of EU nationals every year.

Under European data-sharing rules, officers can ask to see the records of any EU nationals they arrest. Read More