Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama, the Jewish lobby and the bomb

PALO ALTO, California - With the Iran war hysteria getting louder, United States President Barack Obama, due to address the Jewish lobby on Sunday ahead of his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week, is facing one of the toughest choices of his presidency: whether to appease the pro-Israeli warmongers or, instead, to use his authority to put a break on the omnibus of another war in the Middle East?

So far, Obama has served Israel well by putting into place harsh sanctions against Iran that fulfill Israel's demand of "crippling sanctions", although the lack of compliance by Iran's Asian energy partners has lessened their impact, and by providing Israel with the necessary military assistance that in turn equips Tel Aviv to launch an aerial attack on Iran's nuclear facilities in the future (as per Western media reports).

Simultaneously, Obama has let Israel off the hook on the Palestinian issue, in light of his failure to even emulate his predecessors' obligatory, and yet vacuous, references to the "Middle East peace process" in his recent State of Union speech. This strategy, replicated in other Western capitals, has allowed Washington and Tel Aviv to portray Israel as a potential victim state, ie, of a coming Iranian-led Holocaust if not checked immediately, instead of as an oppressive state that has defied several UN Security Council resolutions and has refused to withdraw from the Arab territories it has conquered by force with impunity. Read More