Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Neo-Nazis of Brooklyn: Rare glimpse inside the world of the right-wingers peddling hate in one of New York's trendiest boroughs

It is at once a deeply-rooted Polish neighbourhood with industrial roots where immigrants still speak in their native tongue on the streets.

At the same time, Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighbourhood is a fast-gentrifying area of New York full of young families and working professionals who wish to live close to Manhattan.

But the northernmost neighbourhood in Brooklyn is also home to a group of Polish neo-Nazis, who walk the streets, just like anybody else, and are fiercely proud of their beliefs.

Captured by Brooklyn-based photographer Adam Krause, the images tell an unspoken tale of a taboo counterculture and puts faces to a largely underground movement.

Mr Krause, who grew up in south Florida but later moved to Brooklyn, said he first noticed a man wearing a T-shirt of a racist symbol at a gym in Greenpoint.

He approached the man and said that he didn’t agree with it, but thought it was interesting. Read More