Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nasa probe could confirm methane clouds...meaning the conditions for life DO exist

Scientists are set to prove for the first time that methane clouds form over the surface of Mars in summer months - meaning the conditions for life unquestionably exist.

A new NASA probe due to land on the planet’s surface in August is set to confirm the findings.

The Mars Science Laboratory Rover, also known as Curiosity, will be able to detect microscopic amounts of methane.

It will be the first time scientists at NASA will have been able to prove the existence of methane clouds, the existence of which have only previously been deduced from astrological observations.

‘The reports are extraordinary,’ says Kevin Zahnle of NASA Ames Research Center of the possibility of finally finding methane clouds.

‘They require methane to have a life time of days or weeks in the martian atmosphere, which disagrees with the known behavior of methane by at least a factor of 1000.’ Read More