Friday, February 3, 2012

Marge Fitzsimmons, 36, showing same symptoms as Le Roy teens

For the first time, an adult is coming forward showing the same symptoms as a group of students in Upstate New York who are suffering from Tourette-like outbursts.

Marge Fitzsimmons, 36, says her tics began in October, around the same time as the teens. She was diagnosed with conversion disorder brought on by stress -- in her case, childhood trauma.

“My doctor said 'Your stress level is here,'” she said as she lifted her arm above her head. “So everything that you've ever suppressed erupted like a volcano.”

Some, like the team led by Erin Brockovich think it's possible there could be an environmental link -- they are investigating a 1970s train derailment that spilled the toxic industrial solvent TCE.

Fitzsimmons said the derailment site is close to a quarry and pond where she spent time as a teenager.

“We used to hang out in the quarry -- used to do what teenagers do when you get a group together,” she said.

Fitzsimmons was asked by HLN correspondent Jim Spellman if she thought that site or any environmental factor may have contributed to her condition.

“At this point, I have to have faith in my doctors,” she said. Read More