Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man killed for singing 'We are More American' at Houston karaoke night (in Spanish)

A man who was singing karaoke at a southwest Houston restaurant early Monday was shot to death because another patron did not like his song choice, according to Houston police.

The shooting happened at Ostioneria Mazatlan in the 6400 block of Hillcroft at Sandspoint around 2 a.m.
Police said the victim had just finished singing “Somos mas Americanos,” which means “We are More American,” when someone began to argue with him about the selection.

"Apparently the choice of music caused an altercation, which led to the shooting at this location,” said Sgt. J.J. Wilson, HPD Homicide.

The suspect shot the man in the head, then fled the scene in red Chevy pickup truck. He remains on the loose.

Several people who were with the suspect also fled. source