Sunday, February 26, 2012

Koran Protests: US Soldiers Injured In Attack

A grenade attack has wounded seven US soldiers in Afghanistan a day after Nato officers were shot dead in Kabul and just hours after president Karzai appealed for calm over the burning of Korans at a US military base.

Nato's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed there had been an explosion outside one of its bases in northern Afghanistan.

A Kunduz police spokesman said "The demonstrators hurled a hand grenade at US special forces base in Imam Sahib city of Kunduz province, as a result seven US special forces were wounded."

Earlier on Sunday in a televised address, president Hamid Karzai "condemned with the strongest words" the treatment of Islam's holy book and said the people who did it should be punished.

But he also called for an end to the violence saying: "Now that we have shown our feelings, it is time to be calm and peaceful." Read More