Friday, February 3, 2012

Killers' convictions could be erased in just SEVEN years under new 'rehabilitation' plans as UK gets Softer Justice if that is even Possible

Hundreds of thousands of criminals will have their convictions wiped under ‘rehabilitation’ plans revealed last night.

Rapists, paedophiles and even some killers will overnight be relieved of any obligation to declare their crimes when applying for a job.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke will also slash the time period before convictions become ‘spent’, to help criminals get back into work.

Yesterday ministers said it was right that criminals had a ‘fair chance of getting back on the straight and narrow’.

The Government admitted the changes could expose some employers to ‘greater risk of harm through their re-offending’. But it insisted the risk was ‘small’ because reoffending rates decline sharply within a few years of release.

Previously, anyone given a jail sentence of more than two and a half years would have to declare their offence to prospective employers for the rest of their lives.

From next year, that will apply only to those given a sentence of more than four years – meaning many more serious offenders will be able to declare themselves ‘clean’ after a period of time has elapsed.

Serious offenders with a sentence of between 30 months and four years will no longer have to declare their convictions after seven years. This will include some killers with manslaughter convictions, as well as rapists and paedophiles. Read More