Saturday, February 25, 2012

Katy Bown, 17, stabbed Shane Boulton, 21, to Death after his revving motorbike kept her toddler awake

A teenage mother who stabbed her neighbour in the heart after a row about his motorbike disturbing her two-year-old has been sentenced to seven years youth detention.

Katy Bown, 17, became upset that Shane Boulton, 21, was riding his trials bike in alleyways and a road beside her home as she tried to get her child to sleep.

She told Mr Boulton to keep quiet and then started arguing with his girlfriend Claire Matheson outside her home in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Norwich Crown Court heard how Mr Boulton, who had been drinking, went to separate the pair and Bown returned to her home and came back with a knife.

Bown, who is now aged 18, then stabbed Mr Boulton once in the heart before running off and giving the knife to a friend who put it in a bin. Read More