Friday, February 3, 2012

Josh Fox arrested after attempting to film Congressional hearing

House Republicans assailed the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday morning for its claims that “fracking” caused water contamination in a small Wyoming town, but the hearing was overshadowed by the arrest of Josh Fox, a controversial HBO filmmaker and natural-gas industry critic.

Mr. Fox, who directed the award-winning documentary “Gasland,” was led away in handcuffs after attempting to film the forum without the proper credentials, and Democrats — many of whom share Mr. Fox’s animosity toward the gas business — quickly held him up as a martyr.

“We have space in this room … to film this hearing. If you claim that the rule does not allow them to film, I move that the rules be suspended,” said Rep. Brad Miller, North Carolina Democrat and ranking member on the House Science, Space and Technology energy and the environment subcommittee.

Mr. Miller also said he wanted to see “all God’s children be allowed to film this hearing.” Read More