Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is the drought wrecking our roads? As we bask in early warmth, cracks are appearing on tarmac as soil shrinks

Hundreds of roads are in need of urgent repairs after developing huge cracks because of the on-going drought in parts of the country.

Gaps wider than 50p pieces that run for up to 100ft have been torn into Tarmac as soil underneath shrinks due to lack of moisture.

Stretches of carriageways have also dropped as a result of the dry conditions, creating unpredictable driving conditions for motorists.

The problems are set to worsen as the drought continues and warning signs have already gone up in some areas.

Cash-strapped local authorities are facing bills running into tens of millions of pounds and say they are unable to afford repairs - despite drivers complaining some roads look like they have been hit by earthquakes. Read More