Thursday, February 23, 2012

Iran wants peace, but ready for defense

Editor's Note:

The threat of an Israeli strike against Iran, and possible US involvement in any possible war, looms large this year. Meanwhile, Iran's neighbor Syria is in turmoil. What's Iran's attitude toward a possible war? What position do they take on Syria? Global Times (GT) reporter Wei Lai talked to Mahdi Safari (Safari), Iran's ambassador to China, on these issues.

GT: Is war coming to Iran?

Safari: God knows what is going to happen. But Iran never looks for the war. Even in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), it was Saddam Hussein that attacked Iran, and we who defended our country. We never have plans for war, but if somebody enters your house, you will certainly defend it.

GT: Do you know where Israel's "red line" for war is?

Safari: I don't know. But we have our own "red line." We say that we don't want to have any war, we don't want to kill innocent people, we don't want to have any instability in the region, we want to have regional peace and stability. All our President talks about is justice, peace, love, friendship and brotherhood.

GT: What do you think is the most important part of living peacefully with your neighbors and in your region?

Safari: Prosperity, peace, justice, brotherhood, and friendly relations with our neighbors.

GT: Are you confident in Iran's defense capabilities?

Safari: I am sure that we are strong enough to defend our country. We are a big nation, we have a big civilization, we have experience of war. That doesn't mean we are preparing for war, but if somebody comes to hit us, we will respond. Read More