Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IRAN-CASPIAN BASIN: THE WAY TO GLOBAL PROJECT: Embargo for the Iranian oil import

Oil embargo of the European Union on Iran: punishment with postponement - “War of nerves” in the Persian Gulf - Oil import embargo on Iran January, 26, 2012.

There are a number of factors nowadays which demolish the War Conceptions, well-established from the Clausewitz times on. The conception and practice to conduct the so-called “Total Wars”, have passed away. The main purpose of those wars was to annihilate the enemy man-power as well to annihilate the man-power resources, able to compensate for the losses, incurred within long-distance front lines. To gain efficient threatening effect, the abolishment of the civilian population was well acceptable here too. As a matter of fact, Hitler was following the conception of Total War verdadero.

Disorganization, destruction of the vitally important infrastructure and communications, blinding of the enemy means of detection – here are the essential methods to conduct a modern war. The main idea here is not to annihilate the enemy manpower but to gain the maximum shock effect, destined to suppress the enemy will-power and ability to resist. Exactly a similar scenario was written for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and which now seems to be being prepared for Iran too. Read More